Training of managers of Protected Areas for writing project proposals and project cycle management

Capacity development of managers of National parks and Protected Areas and support in project proposals preparation

Project titel: Training of managers of Protected Areas for project proposals preparation and project cycle management

Partners: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 
Association of National Parks and Protected Areas in Serbia (NAPS)

Duration: September - December 2012.

Project description: 
The project "Training of managers of Protected Areas for  project proposals preparation and PCM" is conducted under the Programme "Energy and Environment" and the GEF (Global Environment Facility) project "Ensuring financial sustainability of protected areas in Serbia." The aim of the project was to improve capacities of managers of Protected Areas and provide help in preparation of project proposals. Protected Areas are areas that have a strong geological, biological, ecosystem and / or landscape diversity and therefore act on the protection of proclaimed protected areas of common interest. Project aims to change the attitude of managers of Protected Areas by improved capacity for project cycle management and to improve the financial sustainability of protected areas.

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